The Code of Conduct and Social Responsibility applies to all board members and employees of Eimskip and companies within the Eimskip group.

Eimskip’s employees, their knowledge and skills, are the Company’s most important resource. The group consists of different individuals that perform different jobs and have different backgrounds and knowledge. With the common values, the group united builds a powerful company and an eligible workplace.

Eimskip focuses on serving its customers’ needs by offering services through a dependable transportation system. It is the employee’s mission to always provide customers and co-workers with excellent service. We perform our work with care and due regard for Eimskip’s values. 


The values of Eimskip are Achievement, Cooperation and Trust (ACT).


We focus on complying with all applicable law, regulations, rules and general ethical standards governing the professional activities of the Company. We also comply with all rules issued by the Company from time to time.

Furthermore, our aim is to conduct sound business practices.

We treat each other with utmost respect and we do not allow any kind of injustice to occur, such as bullying, sexual harassment or any discrimination based on gender, race, nationality, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation.


We honor the rule that our interests and the Company’s interests coincide and avoid making decisions which interfere with the interests of the Company. Any employee who is aware of conflict of interests between the company, employees, shareholders or the companies which these parties are associated with, or is concerned that a conflict of interests might develop, should immediately discuss the matter with the immediate superior or the board of the Company.


We respect all stakeholders of the Company and realize that our responsibility also extends to the whole community and the environment. We ensure that our activities and decisions always reflect this responsibility. We make every effort to safeguard that important information regarding the interests of the Company is delivered to the appropriate person within the Company.


We want to be a positive force and participate in matters of our society. We ensure that our behavior outside work does neither bring shame on our own reputation and work nor on the Company’s reputation.


We make every effort to be objective and fair when we review, give feedback and comment on co-workers and their work within the Company. We participate actively in the activities and development of the Company, with the aim of improving the Company’s corporate culture. We want to improve ourselves each and every day and increase our wellbeing and job satisfaction. We create working environment focused on the personal development of each employee, landmarked by ambition and joy. By doing so we lay the foundations for the success of Eimskip


We maintain the highest degree of confidentiality regarding all proprietary and confidential information, concerning our customers and the Company’s business, which we receive when performing our work. We shall keep such information confidential during our employment as well as thereafter, and shall not use, disclose or communicate confidential information other than in the course of employment. We do not use, disclose or communicate such confidential information for the benefit of ourselves or others.

10 August 2012
Board of Directors