Changes in the sailing system between Christmas and New Year

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Due to the holidays in December we will adjust our sailing system during the vacation days. There will be some changes in departures to and from Iceland, Faroe Islands and other ports between Christmas and New Year.

We will sail from Rotterdam on Tuesday 24. December instead of Thursday 26. December and estimate transit in Reykjavík on Monday 30. December. This will be the only departure from Europe to Iceland between Christmas and New Year. Sailing schedule to and from Europe will be in line with the regular schedule right after New Year, with the exception of calls in Bremenhaven and Fredrikstad that will be cancelled the first week of 2020.

Yellow line will sail according to regular schedule and therefore there is a departure from Reykjavík Wednesday 25. December with connections to Westman Island, Faroe Island and Immingham and estimated arrival in Rotterdam 30. December. Yellow line will also service the coastal line in Iceland that week.

Other routes will not sail during this period. Sailing routs between Iceland and North America will shift during the holidays. There won’t be a Green line departure from Reykjavík in weeks 51 and 2 and therefore no vessels will arrive in Reykjavík from USA and Canada in week 2 and week 5. Vantage on the Purple line will cancel two calls in Scrabster, but will make one extra call in Aarhus on Dec 27.

Here you can see the cut off times that will change during the holidays:

From Rotterdam
Monday 23. December
LCL at 12:00 (IMO goods before the weekend)
FCL at 15:00 (IMO goods before the weekend)

From Immingham
Monday 23. December
LCL at 10:00
FCL at 13:00

From Reykjavík
Monday 23. December
At 16:00

Here you can see our whole sailing schedule over the holidays:
Schedule - Holidays 2019

We ask all our customers to check their routes and possible changes due to the holidays. Please send us an email to if you would like more information and we will be happy to assist.