Decision of the Icelandic Competition Authority has been rescinded

Monday, January 6, 2014
On September 10th 2013 the Icelandic Competition Authority exercised a dawn raid at the premises of Eimskipafélag Íslands hf. and its subsidiaries, Eimskip Ísland ehf. and TVG-Zimsen ehf. Dawn raid was also exercised at the premises of Samskip and its subsidiaries. At the same day Eimskip requested access to the information behind the Competition Authority's request for court ruling. On September 13th the Icelandic Competition Authority declined Eimskip's request for access to the information.

Eimskip appealed that decision to the Competition Appeals Committee which has now ruled that the decision of the Icelandic Competition Authority, declining access to the requested information, is rescinded. The Competition Appeals Committee also ruled that this case should go back to the Icelandic Competition Authority for further assessment and a new decision on Eimskip request for access to the information.

Eimskip assumes that in the light of this new ruling of the Competition Appeals Committee the company will be granted access to the requested information and that such access will explain the reasons behind the dawn raid exercised last September.