Eimskip acquires a share in a trucking company in the Netherlands

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Eimskip has acquired a 52.5% share in the trucking company E.T.S. B.V. (European Transport Services) which is located in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

The company was established to provide trucking services for Eimskip within the Benelux and neighboring countries. The company specializes in reefer container haulage and offers also various other forms of road transport, such as heavy transport solutions and other tailor made solutions.

The company's fleet consists of 15 trucks marked with Eimskip's logo. Majority of the trucks is equipped with a T.R.S. system, an environmentally friendly system where the engine of the truck provides power to the reefer container and produces much lower emissions than the conventional generators used to run the engines of reefer containers.

The investment in E.T.S. B.V. will not have material financial effect on the operation of Eimskip.