Eimskip introduces adjustments to its sailing schedule

Thursday, February 13, 2014
Eimskip has adjusted its sailing schedule, with the objective of increasing its reliability and services towards customers.

Bad weather conditions during recent months have affected the reliability of the sailing schedule, especially the connection between Iceland and the Faroe Islands, transporting fresh fish to the UK and mainland Europe.

A new sailing route, the Grey line, will be added to the North Atlantic sailing schedule and will be serving between the Faroe Islands and Scotland. The Grey line will increase the flexibility of the sailing schedule with the possibility of adding new ports of call in the Faroe Islands and it will also increase the service reliability.

As of the middle of February, the Red line will stop calling the Faroe Islands and Aberdeen in Scotland but will instead offer direct services to Immingham in the UK and increase substantially the services to exporters of fresh and frozen seafood. The Red line's next call after Immingham will be Rotterdam in Holland, besides taking care of the coastal services in Iceland.

The changes that were made on the US east coast last year, when Eimskip moved its port of call to Portland, Maine, have resulted in increased transport volume and shorter transit time. Thus, the vessels on the Green line (the America route) will be able to relieve one of the vessels on the Red line in its coastal services in Iceland when needed.