Good environmental results

Friday, October 13, 2017

SA - Business Iceland hosted ‘The Day of the Environment 2017’, held in Reykjavík on 12 October, where Eimskip presented the company’s environmental steps and results. In 1991, Eimskip became one of the first companies in Iceland to establish an environmental policy. Now, 26 years later, the company has systematically been working on keeping its obligations of the Reykjavík Declaration on Climate Issues, signed in November 2015. The company has been focusing on electronically collecting and processing the necessary environmental data in cooperation with Klappir Green Solutions hf. Eimskip has since 2005 been working with Marorka to minimize the use of fuel and vessel operating costs which has resulted in reduced emissions. In 2016, the company’s carbon footprint reduced by 8.8% compared to the previous year, calculated per transported unit, but the goal is 40% reduction in 2030 based on 2015 numbers. Eimskip’s vessel fleet is responsible for most of the company’s fuel consumption, but shipping by sea is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport to and from island countries such as Iceland.

Eimskip has adopted a carbon calculator on its website where customers and others are able to calculate the carbon footprint generated from a given transport, presented as CO2 equivalent. The carbon calculator and the company’s CSR policy can be found here.

Gylfi Sigfússon, President and CEO

“We are pleased to see how good and quick results the company’s employees have been able to achieve. It is a motivation for us to keep up the good work and find new ways and technology to do a great job when it comes to the environment, but due to the nature of Eimskip’s operations environmental issues are an essential part of the company’s social responsibility”.