New and more accessible sailing system

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

In October we at Eimskip made changes to our sailing system in order to simplify our routes and increase service and reliability.

Key points:

  • Departure one day later from main ports in Europe and shorter transit.
    • Last departure of the week from Europe.
  • Express service for export and import of fresh products to and from Iceland and Faroe Islands.
  • Improved connections with the coastal ports in Iceland to Rotterdam, Immingham and Bremerhaven.
  • Improved service for connections from the Icelandic coast to USA and Canada.
Red line

Red line offers weekly service to and from all major ports in Scandinavia with larger vessels and more reliable connections. Departure on Friday from Aarhus to the Faroes and Iceland enabling the best connections from Europe.

Blue line

Blue line is express service for both import and export between Reykjavík and Rotterdam. This route is ideal for fresh fish, fruits, vegetables and other time sensitive products.

  • Blue line is the fastest sailing route out of Europe to Iceland, departures Thursdays from Rotterdam and offers later closing times before vessel departure.
  • Unloading early Monday morning in Reykjavík.
  • Unloading Sunday evening in Rotterdam and delivery as from early Monday morning.
  • Continued weekly service to and from Bremerhaven with shorter transit time.
Yellow line 1Yellow line 2

Yellow line continues to provide export services from Westman Islands and connections from Faroe Islands to UK and continental Europe.

  • Continued weekly Thursday departure from Immingham to Reykjavík.
  • Biweekly the Thursday departure will be by the Purple line via Tórshavn.
  • Biweekly Iceland coastal service – shorter transit time.
Purple line

Purple line offers continued service between Faroe Islands and Scrabster and is well suited for i.e. fresh fish into UK and international markets.

  • Biweekly service of export from Immingham to Iceland transshipped via the Red line in Torshavn.
  • Express Biweekly service of import to the Faroe Island from Immingham.
Green line

Green line offers unchanged weekly service to and from USA and Canada.

  • Improved service for Transatlantic connections between Europe and North America.
  • Improved service for connections to the Green line from the Icelandic coast to USA and Canada.

Please send us an email to if you would like more information about the sailing system and we will be happy to assist.