Reykjafoss suffers impact

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Early this morning, Reykjafoss, Eimskip's dry lease vessel sustained an impact just outside Argentia, Newfoundland, harbour. The vessel's engine went out by the impact and Reykjafoss was towed to the harbour. There was no immidiate danger and no damage to the vessel has been detected apart from damage to the propeller. The vessel's cargo is secure and is being discharged and forwarded to it's final destination.

Further information on the impact will be given as soon as more information becomes available.

As before stated, Reykjafoss is owned by a third party, and Eimskip cannot give more information on other matters than the cargo itself. All 16 crew members are still on board unharmed and are working on securing the cargo. Reykjafoss was en routeĀ from Norfolk, VA when the accident occurred.

Eimskip awaits further information on Reykjafoss' condition and wether another vessel will be needed to service the company's America Route.

Reykjafoss' specifications:
Size: 712 TEUS
Length: 127 meters
Maximum width: 20,4 meters
Deadweight: 7.541 tons
Engine: 1xMAN B&W 7S60MC
Power: 6.000 Kw