The first harbour crane in the Westman Islands and a new chartered vessel on the Yellow Line

Sunday, March 27, 2016

The specialised harbour crane Jarlinn will be a milestone in transportation through the Westman Islands harbour in Iceland. The crane's location in the Westman Islands will enable vessels without a crane, which are considerably more inexpensive to operate, to sail on Eimskip's Yellow Line. Eimskip has also chartered a vessel, to be named Bakkafoss, to serve on the Yellow Line. Bakkafoss is of the same type as the vessel Lagarfoss, constructed and taken into use in 2014. The vessel has a capacity of about 900 TEUs, approximately 180 more than Brúarfoss, which will be transferred to the Green Line to service North-America. Brúarfoss replaces Selfoss, which is in the process of being sold.

Eimskip has undertaken considerable development in the Westman Islands in recent years, as the harbour there is an important port of export from Iceland. In addition to the harbour crane and new vessel on the Yellow Line, a new and improved service office was opened recently in the Westman Islands. The crane will make all services to the company's vessels more efficient.

Brynjar Viggósson, Senior Manager, Liner Sales:

"The introduction of the harbour crane in the Westman Islands, one of our most important ports of call, greatly increases the dependability of Eimskip's network. The Yellow Line has been one of the most important transport routes for fresh seafood from Iceland and the Faroe Islands to markets in the UK and mainland Europe. Dependability and speed are therefore of the essence and these new developments mark yet another step to meet the demands of Eimskip's customers."

The crane has arrived safely to the Westman Islands and you can see the process here. The vessel Paula is now in Thorshavn in the Faroe Islands delivering the other crane. Now Eimskip has specialised harbour cranes at every port on the Yellow Line.