Transaction in relation to a share buy-back program – repurchase is completed

31. August 2020 |

In week 4 2020 Eimskip purchased 276,740 of its own shares, at a purchase price of 51,439,048 as further stipulated below:

Date  Time  No. of shares  Share price (rate) Purchase price (ISK)
20.1.2020 09:44:06   69,185  187.5   12,972,188 
21.1.2020 09:50:21   69,185  186   12,868,410 
22.1.2020 09:32:09   69,185  185   12,799,225 
23.1.2020 09:40:59   69,185  185   12,799,225 
Total     276,740      51,439,048 

The trade is in accordance with Eimskip‘s buy-back program as published on Nasdaq Iceland on 1 December 2019.

The repurchase according to the share buy-back program is completed.

Eimskip held 4,951,804 own shares prior to the notified transactions, or the equivalent of 2.65% of issued shares in the company, and holds 5,228,544 after them, or the equivalent of 2.80% of issued shares in the company.

In week 4 Eimskip purchased a total of 276,740 company‘s own shares. The total purchase price amounted to ISK 51,439,048 which corresponds to 10.29% of the maximum market value amount according to the buy-back program. Eimskip bought a total of 2,190,465 shares in the company amounting to ISK 410,318,739 market value in the buy-back program.

Buy-back under the program would amount to a maximum of 3,125,000 shares and the market value amount will not exceed ISK 500,000,000.

The buyback program was executed in accordance with Chapter VIII. of Act No. 2/1995 on Public Limited Companies and Chapter II of the Annex to Regulation No. 630/2005 on Inside Information and Market Abuse, “Trade in own shares under buy-back programmes and the stabilisation of financial instruments.”

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