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Orange Line

The Orange Line operates 4 vessels between Norway and Europe. Vessels are on a regular weekly rotation, as specified in the Schedule. The service can be described as semi-liner since we have fixed calls to certain ports with the flexibility to call different ports on-route.

Svartfoss Laster I Tromsø Vinter

Reefer Cargo and Forwarding

Eimskip is a key international player in the reefer logistics worldwide and offers specialized services in handling any type of temperature-controlled cargo- frozen or chilled.

Eimskip Norway operates several side port reefer vessels along the coast of Norway with an extension to Murmansk, Russia. Weekly connection to the Continent and UK. Additionally, extra tonnage is regularly being chartered in to serve the customers for different needs.

Alongside the side-port operation, worldwide container transport is offered with Eimskip Forwarding. Bi-weekly calls in Fredrikstad with container vessels connect Norway to the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Canada, and the USA.

Eimskip offers spot-service in the Northern Atlantic with side-port reefer vessels, covering Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Shetland, Russia, Poland, and Baltic states.

Project Cargo Dekkslast Reel

Dry and Project Cargo

The side-port reefer vessels operated can be turned into dry-goods conventional cargo vessels within appr. 6 hours, thus able to carry different types of cargo in holds. The temperature range is from appr. -27 C to + 32 C. A combination of reefer cargo and dry cargo is also possible due to the number of cargo holds on the three-deck levels onboard and 2 of the vessels are geared with 50 tons crane.

Vessels are designed to have cargo on weather-deck, being containers, or different kinds of project/deck cargo.

Project cargo ex- Fredrikstad is loaded on flat-racks.

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Coldstore, Documentation and Agency

Eimskip offers total service for port agency and discharge of fishing trawlers, temperature-controlled storing, and documentation for reefer cargo and can offer worldwide distribution via Eimskip Forwarding. Services include palletizing, sorting, labeling, and re-packing and veterinary checks for seafood products.

Eimskip Norway operates and/or markets reefer storage in Kirkenes, Tromsø, Sortland and Ålesund.

As part of a complete range of reefer logistics services, Eimskip offers various documentation services, from custom brokerage to issuing specialized certificates for the reefer trade and flexible EDI solutions enabling fast clearing processes.

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Fredrikstad Container Services

The Eimskip container line system calls Fredrikstad bi-weekly and connects Norway to the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, and North America.

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