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The Human Resources and Communication department handles all communication with the media.

The Company is named Eimskipafélag Íslands, but its trade name is Eimskip. 

The basic element of the logo is the letter E, which refers to the name of the Company. In the logo, two E's connect and form a symbol for interactive relationships. In these business relationships, the service of the Company and the needs of the customers are closely aligned.

The blue color stands for Iceland and the fundamental connection to the sea, while the gray/silver color stands for value, i.e. value creation of Eimskip and its customers.

Logo and image bank

Here, you can find the brand guide, logo, and operational images. All use and publication of brand and pictures shall be made in consultation with Human Resources and Communication.

Eimskips logo for print

Eimskip CMYK
Eimskip black
Eimskip white
Eimskip secondary CMYK
Eimskip secondary black
Eimskip secondary white

Eimskip logo for web and screens

Eimskip RGB
Eimskip white
Eimskip secondary RGB
Eimskip secondary white