Fara á efnissvæði

1914 - Eimskip was founded with about 15 thousand shareholders, representing almost 17% of the Icelandic nation

1915 - The first vessel, Gullfoss and Godafoss, arrive in Iceland

1927 - Brúarfoss, the first Icelandic reefer vessel, arrives in Iceland


1969 - The aluminum industry starts in Iceland

1982 - Eimskip starts containerizing its vessel fleet

1985-1986 - Offices opened in the Netherlands, USA, Sweden, and Germany

1990 - Offices opened in the Faroe Islands and Newfoundland


2004 - Eimskip starts forwarding services in Rotterdam and China and opens an office in Qingdao

Acquisition of Faroes Ship in the Faroe Islands

2005 - Acquisition of CTG in Norway, now operating as Eimskip Norway 

2009 - Restructuring of Eimskip with a focus on core business completed in October


2012 - Listing of Eimskip's shares at Nasdaq Iceland

2013 - Substantial changes to Eimskip's sailing system and 16 vessels in operation

2014 - Delivery of the new 875 TEU container vessel Lagarfoss, built in China


2015 - A new 10,000-ton cold storage facility built in Hafnafjörður, Iceland

Acquisition of Jac. Meisner, a forwarding company in the Netherlands

Acquisition of a cold storage company in St. Anthony and the forwarding company Cargocan in Newfoundland

Acquisition of the ferry operating company Seatours in Iceland

2016 -  Acquisition of the forwarding company Extraco in the Netherlands

2017 - Acquisition of the forwarding company Mareco in Belgium

Eimskip and Royal Arctic Line signed an agreement for the cooperation of building three container vessels and sharing capacity

Eimskip signs a contract with a shipyard in China to build two 2,150 Teu ice-class Polar Code vessels with estimated delivery in 2019, and Royal Arctic Line signs a contract for one similar vessel

Acquisition of the Danish forwarding company SHIP-LOG


2018 - A contract signed with Vegagerding regarding the continued operation of Sæferdir in Breidafjordur area, until the year 2022.

The new building project in China reached a milestone when the first vessel was launched.

2019 - Eimskip started operating a new STS Gantry Crane in Sundahöfn in Iceland. The crane, which was named Current, runs solely on electricity and therefore leaves no carbon footprint in operation.

The decision was made to unite Eimskip’s headquarters in a single location in the warehouse Vöruhótel and to implement an activity-based work environment.

Eimskip sold three reefer vessels: Langfoss, Stigfoss, and Vidfoss. This was an important step in aligning the reefer vessel fleet to current operations in transport in and out of Norway. The container vessels Laxfoss and Godafoss were sold as a part of the fleet renewal.

2020 - Eimskip received the Equal Pay certification in Iceland.

Eimskip Norway moved to Tromsøterminalen, a new and modern logistics center with 22,000-ton cold-store capability, and a 3,235 m2 dry warehouse. Comprehensive transportation services are now available in Tromsø, with port services i.e., loading and discharging, storage and distribution.

Eimskip took delivery of the new vessels Dettifoss and Brúarfoss.

The cooperation between Eimskip and the national carrier of Greenland, Royal Arctic Line, formally commenced.

Eimskip opened a new office in Nuuk, Greenland, to offer local service to the Greenlandic market.


2021 - Eimskip increased its Trans-Atlantic service for exporters of fresh commodities from the Faroe Islands and Iceland to the United States and Canada. Eimskip adjusted its sailing system to meet customers' demand for shorter transit time, more environmentally friendly transportation, and fresher and more valuable products.

A milestone was reached in energy efficiency at Sundahöfn when Eimskip agreed on the design and construction of equipment for electric land connection of ships in Sundahöfn. 

2022 - A new electric crane, Alda, was taken into use in Sundahöfn, Reykjavík. All cranes in Sundahöfn now run on electricity.

The merger of SHIP-LOG and Eimskip Denmark resulted in various synergies, cost savings, and a stronger approach to the Danish market.

Integration of TVG Xpress and Domestic Iceland Operations results in more streamlined and cost-efficient operations providing stronger products and services.

2023 - Eimskip Greenland A/S acquired the port agency and forwarding activities of the Royal Arctic Line (Royal Arctic Spedition) in Greenland. 

Eimskip strengthened its coastal sailings in Iceland, resulting in more efficiency and reliability of the sailing system, improved customer service, and a more environmentally friendly option for domestic transport in Iceland.

2024 - Eimskip celebrates its 110th anniversary on January 17

Important changes to the container sailing system will be implemented in the first quarter of 2024 to increase the service level and reliability further while reducing carbon emission.