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Whistleblower policy – for all Eimskip Group Companies

The purpose of the policy is to document procedures for handling reports of alleged misconduct concerning the company's operations and the protection of whistleblowers. The aim is to have a secure platform for employees to make suggestions that can lead to information about violations or reprehensible behavior that can cause damage to the company and society and reduce such behavior.
As stated in the Code of Conduct, Eimskip’s name and reputation are one of the Company’s most valuable assets, which needs upmost protection on a daily basis. Therefore, it is fundamental to Eimskip that any wrongdoing is reported.

In near future a secure form for Whistleblowers will be available at this site. In the meanwhile for those who want to come forward and share his/her knowledge on any wrongdoing or misconduct please report it to whistleblowerpolicy@eimskip.com​