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Eimskip's sustainability policy is based on guidelines from the Nasdaq ESG Reporting Guide. The company's sustainability policy ​is divided into three focus areas; environmental, social, and governance and was last updated in 2022.

ESG strategy

In 2023 Eimskip introduced a new ESG strategy and accelerated target regarding reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions in 2040. The goal are centralized around the Company’s sustainable risk with regards to Environment, Social and Governance.

Climate Issues

In November 2015, Eimskip signed a Declaration on Climate Change, which involves reducing greenhouse gas emissions, minimizing negative environmental effects through targeted actions, and measuring the results and regularly publishing the status. Eimskip set itself the goal of reducing its carbon footprint by 40% per unit transferred by 2030.

Global compact

Eimskip is a participant in the UN Global Compact, which is the United Nation’s initiative for social responsibility concerning human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

Eimskip has, through its participation, committed to conducting its operations so that the ten fundamental goals of the UN Global Compact will be integrated into the company‘s strategy, culture, and daily activities. The company has also committed to advocating for the UN Global Compact and its ten fundamental goals, where possible, and announce annually how the implementation will progress.

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Festa - Center for Sustainability

Eimskip is a member of Festa - center sustainability. Festa serves as a leading educator and a catalyst for social responsibility in Iceland and a bridge-builder between the public and private sector as well as different stakeholders to enable sustainability and social responsibility to be mainstreamed into how we do business and build our future. 

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ESG guidance

Eimskip works according to instructions from Nasdaq. The ESG contains 30 standards that facilitate clear and accessible disclosure of information regarding the environment, social, and governance.

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Sustainability Statements (ESG)