Customer portal

Eimskip’s customer portal is a user-friendly portal where you can book and keep track of your shipments. With Eimskip’s customer portal you can customize your online view and have a complete overview of all your shipments. You can send us your booking requests and shipping instructions via the portal as well as all the most common service requests.

The overall process is the same except for the actual booking, which now is simply online. Once the shipping instruction process is done, you will receive a booking confirmation via e-mail from our staff.

The customer portal is easy to use and has many benefits for you and your business:

  • Overview of past, current, and upcoming shipments. No matter if your shipments are to/from Faroe Islands, Iceland, or on our Trans Atlantic trade line

  • The customer portal allows you to access important documents and information at your convenience and without delay

  • Cargo status is displayed for each shipment and is based on live data from our operation system

  • You gain an overview of invoices issued by Eimskip through our user-friendly “finance” section of the portal

  • You can save templates for the cargo you regularly book with us, saving you minutes with each booking and less frustration with typing in the same information multiple times

  • The portal still gives a feeling of personal contact with our employees, as you can see the name of the employee handling your booking. All bookings are handled in the local Eimskip office, based on the Port of loading.

Your local Eimskip office is still there, able and ready to assist you in case of issues or uncertainty. All our employees have a good understanding of the customer portal and are able to help you with the questions you might have about the functionality and use of the system. For further info or assistance regarding the online booking process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For customers that do not have an active customer portal account, please book cargo via this online form.


Here you can watch our customer portal introductory video