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Extensive global forwarding and logistics services

Eimskip provides comprehensive door-to-door logistics solutions, connecting continents quickly and efficiently through contacts worldwide. We specialize in facilitating the logistics for transportation by arranging various transportation services according to your needs.

Eimskip is a niche player in forwarding services specializing in reefer forwarding worldwide and offers specialized services in handling any type of temperature-controlled cargo- frozen or chilled. We are also specialized in handling any type of dry cargo, containerized, or conventionally loaded. This service covers the entire logistics chain.

Our team of experts has experience from various industries and understands the dynamics needed to create a competitive edge for our customers. The logistics service of Eimskip is driven by a focus on customer needs.

Global forwarding services via sea, air and land

Eimskip organizes shipments for individuals and corporations as an intermediate between a shipper and the final point of distribution. Our job is to arrange various transportation services such as ocean transportation on cargo vessels, road transport, and expedited shipping via air freight.

Warehouse services worldwide

Eimskip provides a complete logistics package for storing frozen, chilled, and dry products. We find the appropriate warehouse and location, take care of all formalities, manage our customer’s stock, and arrange the distribution of shipments by road, rail, air, or sea.

Custom clearance and veterinary inspection

Eimskip offers comprehensive documentation services, including customs clearance, veterinary inspection, and laboratory. Our specialist takes care of all formalities to ensure your cargo is cleared and approved by authorities, fast and efficiently.