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Eimskip USA´s 100 years of experience in logistics makes the Company an excellent choice to trust for your transportation needs. We offer total transportation solutions built around our dependable and efficient sailing system in the North Atlantic. Eimskip has an extensive worldwide office network and offers NVOCC and Freight Forwarding services to destinations worldwide.

Our service includes cargo handling management and information flow, enabling our customers to focus on their business. At the same time, Eimskip finds the best transport solutions locally or worldwide by land, air, or sea. Trust us for your warehousing or other transport-related solutions. Make Eimskip your partner in logistics.

Closing times

Type Delivery Bookings Documents VGM
Green Line LCL Friday 12:00
Green Line FCL Monday 16:00 Monday 16:00
Green Line IMO Friday 12:00 Friday 12:00

Delivery addresses

Norfolk Cargo address 1424 Baker Road Virginia Beach, VA 23455
Portland LCL cargo delivery address 92 Cassidy Point Dr Portland, ME 04102
Portland Hazardous material LCL cargo address 468 Commercial Street Portland ME 04101
Portland FCL cargo delivery address Eimskip Portland Portland Int´l Marine Terminal 460 Commercial Street Portland, ME 04101, Firms 0760 TWIC card required

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