Welcome Dettifoss

13. July 2020 | General news
Welcome Dettifoss
Eimskip's new vessel, Dettifoss, arrived at Reykjavik this afternoon for the first time, the largest vessel of the entire Icelandic fleet. The voyage from China lasted 68 days with stops in Singapore, Sri Lanka, Suez, Russia, and finally Denmark, where the vessel formally began sailing within Eimskip's sailing schedule.

Dettifoss has is designed with very good maneuvering equipment and well equipped to sail in the North Atlantic, with ice class and are designed in accordance with the Polar Code, mandatory for sailing in the ocean around Greenland.

The vessel is the most environmentally friendly pr. TEU of the whole Icelandic fleet and the engine is specially built to lower Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Sulphur Oxide (SOx) emission into the atmosphere.

The building of Dettifoss is a part of a renewal of Eimskip's fleet and the cooperation with the Greenlandic shipping company Royal Arctic Line. New opportunities are ahead as Greenland is now connected to Eimskip's international sailing system.

We are looking forward to continuing to offer our customers good service with our new, powerful, and reliable vessel.