Fara á efnissvæði

Eimskip proudly celebrates its 110th anniversary today, January 17th. Since its establishment in 1914, Eimskip has played an active role in shaping the landscape in transportation to and from Iceland and in the North Atlantic connecting the world and delivering excellent customer service. Today, the Company is a leading transportation company in the North Atlantic, with offices in 20 countries and around 1700 employees of over 40 nationalities.

“Gratitude is at the top of mind when Eimskip celebrates this milestone.” says Vilhelm Már Þorsteinsson, CEO of Eimskip. "Our journey over the past 110 years reflects a commitment from our dedicated employees to deliver excellent service, foster strong partnerships with customers and stakeholders, and contribute to the global supply chain. We are proud of our heritage, which is a strong foundation to continue to develop our company and meet the demands of modern society.”

Every year since 1964, employees that have worked for Eimskip for 25 years are honored with the Company's golden badge in relation to Eimskip’s anniversary. During the span of 60 years, since the first golden badge was awarded, a total of 527 employees have received the honor, and today seven more employees will join this remarkable group.

“Eimskip employs a diverse group of employees and each one plays a vital role in the Company’s operation. Awarding the golden badge is an enjoyable tradition and we are proud of how many employees have reached that milestone at Eimskip.” says Vilhelm.