Fara á efnissvæði

Eimskip will in the first quarter of 2024 implement important changes to the container sailing system with the aim to further increase the service level and reliability while reducing carbon emission. The changes include simplified structure of the sailing system by reducing miles sailed and the number of port calls resulting in lower emission and lower cost. The introduced changes are the final milestone on a journey that started earlier this year with various adjustments already announced.

The main topics

  • The objective for the total changes of the sailing system, including the planned changes in Q1 next year, will be on an annual basis the following:  
    • Total number of sailed miles reduced by approximately 40,000 miles or 5%
    • Decrease the bunker consumption by about 5,000 tons and reduce CO2 emission by about 15.000 tons or 7% but in comparison with the year 2022 the reduced bunker consumption is about 11,000 tons or 14%  
    • Number of container vessel already reduced by one, with the total number now being 11 vessels
    • Decreased number of ETS allowances for the benefit of the Company‘s stakeholders
  • Increased service level and more reliable system include e.g., the following:
    • Increased services with shorter transit time from UK
    • Monday arrivals in Reykjavík for import from Denmark and Sweden
    • Weekly coastal service in Iceland with increased service and more environmentally friendly solutions
    • Simplified sailings at North America route that support the fresh fish services
    • Increased service from northern and western Norway to Faroe Islands and to North America
    • Direct connection from Faroe Islands to Germany
  • Increased productivity in ports which enables slower sailing speed and increased reliability
    • New terminal service provider in Rotterdam
    • Introducing new port in Teesport in the UK
    • Port time slots changed and increased capacity in selected ports
    • Investment in new mobile harbor crane in Reykjavík and additional crane added to Reydarfjordur in Iceland  
  • Changes to the vessel sharing sailings with Royal Arctic Line (RAL) with added calls to Bremerhaven in Germany on the Red line
  • Eimskip will continue to work on various other measures to further reduce its emission both short- and long term

The changes are a part of a journey started earlier this year with dedicated coastal service in Iceland, integration of the reefer liner services in Norway to the container liner services via Faroe Islands and the new container vessel Bakkafoss to the North America route.  

The final stage of these changes will affect three routes of the Company‘s sailing system, Red line, Yellow line and Blue line. The Red line will continue to be operated under the VSA with RAL with additional call in Bremerhaven in Germany but simplified sailing and reduced calls in other ports. The Blue line will stop calling Bremerhaven but will instead start calling Teesport in the UK. Several changes will be made to the Yellow line but the line will continue its important role for Vestmannaeyjar in Iceland and increase services for the Faroe Islands market.

The adjustments to the sailing system are related to the increased international shipping regulations requirements and supports customers expectation for more environmentally friendly services. The changes are a part of the Company’s measures to reduce cost related to the planned implementation of shipping under the European Emission Trading system (ETS) as of January 1st 2024.

Further Information about the changes can be found on the Company‘s webpage and information are provided by the Company’s sales and services representatives.