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Eimskip started sailing to Sweden in 1921 and has ever since served customers with international transports by road, air, and sea. In 1985 Eimskip established its own office. Both warehouse and office are located in Helsingborg. Eimskip Logistics AB is a well-known name in custom clearing and veterinary inspections. An AEO certification is in place and a license for the bonded area.

Eimskip has its own extensive worldwide office network and offers NVOCC and Freight Forwarding services to destinations around the world. Our specialty is door to door solutions for both part- and full-load shipments.

Closing times

Type Delivery Bookings Documents VGM
Red Line LCL
Red Line FCL Tuesday 20:00 Tuesday 12:00
Red Line OOG Friday 14:00
Red Line IMO Tuesday 11:00

Delivery addresses

Helsingborg Machines, Breakbulk shipments, steel, timber, trucks and other flatrack cargo address Eimskip Logistics AB, C/O Helsingborg Hamn, Massgodsleden 4, 252 25 Helsingborg
Helsingborg LCL delivery address Eimskipterminalen, Knut Pals vag 1, 256 69 Helsingborg
Helsingborg FCL delivery address Helsingborgs Hamn, Massgodsleden 4, 252 25 Helsingborg

Contact information

Helsingborg Eimskip terminal +46 (0)42 175535
Helsingborg Import liner services
Helsingborg Logistics services
Helsingborg Customs and documentation
Helsingborg Port agency +46 (0)42 175535
Helsingborg Export liner services +46 (0)42 175580
Helsingborg Office +46 42 17 55 00