Fara á efnissvæði

Eimskip Denmark A/S connects the North Atlantic to the rest of the world by linking the Liner services with its worldwide forwarding network, providing integrated, reliable, and cost-competitive logistics solutions. 

Eimskip Denmark A/S operates a vast fleet of liner vessels in the North Atlantic, vessels that transit on regular routes and visit ports on set schedules. The liner vessels are a mix of container, refrigerated bulk, and multipurpose container/bulk vessels.

We provide cargo transportation from pick up to the final destination. This is done by a combination of moving the cargo from port to port on a liner vessel along with inland transportation and cooperation with trusted logistics partners.

Eimskip Denmark A/S offers door to door transport and logistic services. Focusing on Iceland and the Faroe Islands, and connections to Canada and the United States of America. Furthermore, Eimskip Denmark A/S has weekly services to Finland and The Baltics. 

Eimskip Denmark A/S offers transport by road, sea, and air for all types of cargo i.e. part-, full-load, and breakbulk handled by our own trucking company, warehouses, customs, and service department with dedicated and experienced staff.

Eimskip Denmark A/S has achieved an Elite smiley which is controlled by the Danish food authorities. As a certified company, Eimskip Denmark A/S strives to fulfill current food safety legislation. See our smiley reports here.

Closing times

Type Delivery Bookings Documents VGM
Yellow Line LCL Thursday 16:00
Yellow Line FCL Thursday 17:00
Yellow Line IMO Thursday 12:00
Red Line LCL Wednesday 15:00 Wednesday 14:00
Red Line FCL Wednesday 17:00 Wednesday 14:00
Red Line OOG Wednesday 12:00 Wednesday 14:00
Red Line IMO Wednesday 12:00 Wednesday 14:00
Type Delivery Bookings Documents VGM
Red Line LCL Wednesday 15:00

Delivery addresses

Aarhus FCL container delivery address APM Terminals Oceanvej 8000 Aarhus
Aarhus LCL delivery address Eimskip Denmark A/S Østhavnsvej 37, Gate 4 8000 Aarhus

Contact information

Aalborg Office contact +45 9656 1525
Aarhus Office contact +45 7020 1602
Aarhus FCL cargo export to Faroe Islands +45 86 20 78 88
Aarhus FCL cargo export to Iceland, Canada and USA +45 86 20 63 39
Aarhus Faroe Islands import +45 86 20 48 26
Aarhus LCL cargo export to Faroe Island +45 86 20 78 76
Aarhus Iceland import +45 86 20 48 26
Aarhus LCL cargo cargo export to Iceland +45 86 20 48 23
Copenhagen Cargo export to Faroe Islands +45 86 20 48 15
Copenhagen Cargo export to Iceland, Canada and USA +45 86 20 78 95