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Defense and security logistics (IMO cl. 1-9)

Defense and security logistics are competently offered by Eimskip and are among the special competencies we have developed within shipping and chartering.

Transporting IMO cl. 1 goods such as ammunition, explosives and smokeless powder etc. worldwide requires massive know-how, connections and experience. Our state-of-the-art experience within explosive logistics ensures safety and control in the supply chain:

  • Global network of dedicated subcontractors, agents and international logistics partners ensuring a unique logistics chain.
  • Years of experience in shipping IMO cl. 1
  • We follow up on documentation, regulations and safety

Eimskip ensures perfect compliance and safety in all aspects of the military supply chain and defense logistics. All cargoes handled are strictly government and UN approved. With our know-how about official approvals & authorizations, permits, security escorts and transit licenses, Eimskip is your guarantee for a safe and smooth operation.

We offer integrated solutions within strategic cargo and security logistics that enable our customers to focus on their core business. As an expert defense logistics provider Eimskip offers first-class secure transportation of IMO 1 explosives and ammunition, armored vehicles, arms, defense equipment and technology, military supplies, weapon defense systems and much more.

Pharmaceutical logistics

Through the years Eimskip has developed pharmaceutical supply chain logistical solutions to ensure that time and temperature sensitive products reach their destination safely. Eimskip ensures the integrity of sensitive products through special handling and tailormade logistical solutions.

We safeguard the integrity of your product. Eimskip offers PharmaHealth services which has been designed to fully comply with the European GDP (Good Distribution Practices) guidelines.

Our global network integrates ocean freight, air freight and road transport services, allowing us to react immediately to any changes in your supply chain in a cost effective end-to-end logistical solution. GDP trained staff in Denmark and abroad, as well as top-class partners Worldwide guarantee, an unbroken transportation chain with the highest standards within pharmaceutical logistics.

  • Cost efficient end-to-end solutions
  • GDP compliant
  • Global network
  • Tailor-made sea, air and road transport solutions
  • Temperature control end-to-end
  • Worldwide coverage

By using our PharmaHealth service, customers minimize the risk of transport deviation and thereby lower the risk of shortage of medicines and other problems which might follow.

Reefer logistics

Keeping cargo safe and cool

Designed to ship sensitive cargo such as fish & seafood, perishables, pharmaceutical items, food, chemicals, fresh fruits, poultry, chocolate or ice cream requires temperature and humidity control during transportation. 

Over the years, Eimskip has evolved into a major logistics provider of temperaturised products. We offer new standards and services to the market, and have positioned ourselves as a neutral and reliable carrier solution which can serve your every logistics need. Local representatives and reliable touch points in each destination ensures the correct and safe handling of our clients’ products and guarantees peace of mind.

  • Air freight solutions
  • Customs clearing at destination – DAP/DDP full service
  • Exclusive contracts with major sea and air carriers
  • Express door-to-door courier services worldwide
  • Individual tailormade sea, air and road transport solutions
  • Issuing own House Bill of Ladings/AWB ensuring discretion in the logistics chain.
  • LCL distribution to all continents
  • Original documentation processing
  • Road transport solutions
  • Sea and air cross trade/triangle movements
  • Sea freight solutions – all temperaturised transport offered
  • Shipment control and follow up
  • Temperature controlled cargo handling
  • Track and trace services

We deliver food to the world in all aspects.

Wine and spirits

Eimskip is a global logistics entrepreneur serving the wine and spirits industry.

For years Eimskip has provided safe transport of alcoholic beverages and has helped to develop and participated at various levels of the business in many wine and spirits production areas worldwide.

Our dedicated and experienced professional teams are dedicated to serving this business and will ensure that your freight is carried cost-efficiently and according to your expectations.

Wine and spirits are fragile, high-value products. Eimskip strives to do everything possible to protect your freight ensuring safe and optimum arrival at your final destination.

Specialized in food and beverages logistics for many years, Eimskip is your natural choice within wine and spirits logistics. We deliver proactive solutions for any need from monitoring paperwork to advising on specific documents required for shipping anywhere globally, even to the remotest areas.

  • Advisory assistance in protection, temperature control and security options
  • Air freight
  • Bulk ISO tanks and flexitanks
  • Contracts with major carriers ensuring cost efficiency and shipping flexibility
  • Experienced and professional staff
  • Insulated containers
  • Insurance assistance
  • Integrated operational division controlling custom formalities, documentation and insurance
  • Sea freight – FCL/LCL
  • Temperature controlled containers
  • Warehousing – bonded / temperature controlled
  • WMS (Warehouse Management Systems)

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