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Eimskip offers total solutions in transport, built around our dependable and efficient transport system in the North Atlantic and transport forwarding around the world. Eimskip has operations worldwide.

Our transport net consists of cargo handling, management, and information flow, enabling our customers to focus on their business. At the same time, Eimskip finds the best way to markets worldwide – by sea, land, warehousing, distribution, or other transport-related solutions.

About Eimskip Norway

Eimskip Norway, as part of the international shipping company Eimskip Group, was established in Tromsø in 1996, offering transport of reefer goods in reefer vessels between Norway, Iceland, and the USA. 1999 Giske Shipping in Ålesund was acquired, expanding the service offering to worldwide forwarding of frozen fish. In 2003, its office was established in Fredrikstad, mainly in connection with the calls of vessels destined for the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, and the USA. In 2004, further expansion with the acquisition of CTG (Coldstore & Transport Group) in Sortland. 

Eimskip Norway offers service between Norway and the continent, with the possibility of worldwide transport. Several vessels are being operated along the Norwegian coast, carrying frozen, chilled, and dry cargo in holds and containers and project cargo on decks. Additionally, extra tonnage is regularly chartered to serve the customers’ needs. Orange Line and Red Line via Fredrikstad offer connections to the other group Lines.

Eimskip’s mission is to be a leading transportation company in the North Atlantic with connections to International markets and specialized in worldwide freight forwarding services.

Vision is excellence in transportation solutions and services.

Transparency Act (Åpenhetsloven)

Please read about our work with the Norwegian Transparency Act.​

International rules on sulphur emissions

Read about changes in international rules on sulphur emissions from ships.

Closing times

Type Delivery Bookings Documents VGM
Yellow Line OOG Friday 12:00 Tuesday 12:00 Tuesday 12:00
Yellow Line IMO Monday 12:00 Monday 12:00 Monday 12:00
Yellow Line FCL Tuesday 10:00 Tuesday 10:00 Tuesday 12:00
Yellow Line LCL Monday 12:00 Monday 12:00 Tuesday 12:00

Delivery addresses

Fredrikstad Cargo address Eimskip Terminal – Borg Havn, Borg Havnevei 6, 1630 Gamle Fredrikstad
Fredrikstad Office address Stadion 7, N-1671 Krakeroy Fredrikstad

Contact information

Ålesund Cargo contact + 47 97 99 16 20
Fredrikstad Export contact
Fredrikstad Import contact
Fredrikstad Sales contact
Fredrikstad Cargo contact +47 97 99 16 40
Fredrikstad Office contact + 47 97 99 16 40
Kirkenes Cargo contact
Sortland Cargo contact +47 97 99 15 50
Tromsø Cargo contact +47 9799 1610
Tromsø Office contact +47 97 99 15 50