Eimskip Norway

Eimskip NA Orangeline MAP RGB 2020 June (1)

The Orange Line

The Orange Line operates 4 vessels between Murmansk, Norway, and Europe. Vessels are on a regular weekly rotation, as specified in the Schedule. The service can be described as semi-liner since we have fixed calls to certain ports with the flexibility to call different ports on-route and 2 of the vessels are geared with 50 tons crane.

Vessels are able to carry containers/flats and diverse project cargo on deck and dry or chilled/frozen palletized cargo in the holds.

The Orange Line offers effective and modern side port vessels well suited for different cargo and different needs with a high grade of flexibility.

The Orange Line Schedule

MK - NO - UK - NL

  Holmfoss Polfoss Svartfoss Silver Bird
12.Apr  Murmansk   Grimsby  
13.Apr   Tromsø Grimsby Velsen
14.Apr Tromsø      
15.Apr       Grimsby
16.Apr   Murmansk    
17.Apr Ålesund   Ålesund  
19.Apr Velsen Tromsø Tromsø  
20.Apr       Tromsø
21.Apr Grimsby      
22.Apr     Murmansk  
23.Apr   Ålesund    
25.Apr Ålesund      
26.Apr   Velsen Tromsø  
27.Apr       Velsen
28.Apr Tromsø Grimsby    
29.Apr     Ålesund  
30.Apr Båtsfjord   Ålesund  
2.May   Ålesund   Tromsø