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Warehouse and Container/Tank Container Yard at Immingham

Eimskip UK offers the following:

  • Located 2 miles from the Port of Immingham we offer a secure off-dock facility with a 560 m² warehouse and 2150 m² container/tank container yard
  • Our top-lift is a 45-ton capacity Kalmar reach/container stacker and we also operate 3 x 3t forklift trucks for stuffing and de-stuffing containers
  • We offer very competitive rates for storing dry, reefer, and tank containers in our secure yard
  • Our container yard has 10 plug-in points for reefer containers and for heating tank containers
  • We handle trailer-to-trailer lifts/drops and swaps/transhipments/cross-docking

For more information please contact us through lifts@eimskip.com