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Personal effects shipping process

Your personal effects consist of things that you often care a great deal about. Our specialists fully understand this and take care of your shipment all the way.

It is very beneficial that the shipment of personal effects is well organized before shipping. We ask our customers to look at the information on this site and read all the steps through.

Required documents

The packing list and shipping instructions is a list of contents for the customs authorities and the value of the shipment for the insurances. This form must be filled out, signed beforehand, and sent to the Eimskip office. This document is only for shipments to and from Iceland.

The Packing list and Shipment instructions must be filled out and signed before the shipment takes place. Please send this document to Eimskip's office at the port of export.

Get packing list and shipment instructions

When importing personal effects to Iceland:
Import Declaration for Household Effects is a statement for the customs authorities in Iceland regarding the import of personal effects. Please send this statement to buslodir@eimskip.is.

Open Import Declaration for Household Effects

When exporting personal effects from Iceland
If Eimskip can assist with the Customs papers in import land, the docs will be sent to the owner to fill out and sign. Eimskip will also inform you if any other papers are needed to clear the shipment from customs. If the owner must take care of the customs clearance himself, it will be stated in the offer. Papers must be printed out and signed before being sent to Eimskip.

Please note that an appointment booking is sometimes required before delivering personal effects to the port. Please get in touch with your local Eimskip office for details.

Important insurances

It is obligatory to purchase insurance for personal effects shipped with Eimskip. We can assist you with your insurance needs in cooperation with Sjóvá.

  • The insurance premium is 0,405% of the total value of the personal effects and the transportation cost plus a 10% surcharge.
  • The insurance premium for your household vehicle is 0,315% of the total value of the vehicle and the transportation cost plus a 10% surcharge.

Insurance premium through Eimskip and Sjóvá is paid with other shipping fees. For those who want to take care of the insurance themselves, please submit the insurance certificate with other documents regarding the shipment of your personal effects.

Delivery of goods

It is important to pack your goods well before shipping. It is the sender's responsibility to make sure everything is packed seaworthy. Everything must be loaded onto pallets or containers.

Where and when do I hand over my shipment?

Please note that all arrival times of trucks to the sender are estimated and can change without notice. The sender is responsible for the arrival of the truck at the loading point. When there is a risk of damage to the equipment due to difficult circumstances, it is illegal to park or drive with the container to the loading point. All extra costs will be charged to the owner of the personal effects.

Included container loading time differs between countries but is usually around 1-2 hours. If it takes longer to load the container than included in the price offer, there is an extra charge for the waiting time of the car that is charged afterward. In some cases, there is no lift on the container trucks. Please contact Eimskip's local office for further details regarding your shipment.

How can I pay for the shipment?

Contact your local office for details. The following applies when shipping to and from Iceland:

  • With the cashier at Eimskips office
  • With credit card via telephone
  • With bank transfer:
    • Bank account: 0111-26-2914 Kt: 421104-3520
    • IBAN: IS93 0111 2600 2914 4211 0435 20
    • Swift code: NBIIISRE
Custom rules

Please note that goods that are subject to customs duties and fees should be handle according to rules and regulations that apply. Eimskip offers customs services, please contact your local office for more information.