Human resource policies

Eimskip's goal is to offer equal opportunities for employees in a safe and healthy working environment, as management knows that operational success is based on employee knowledge and ambition. The Company aims to strengthen individuals’ skills and encourages employees to use their own interests and initiative for personal growth. Our key pillars are creating a positive culture with a strong team spirit, opportunities for personal development, encouragement to show initiative, open communication, and valuable information sharing. Eimskip seeks to create a desirable workplace that attracts qualified employees who grow, prosper, and take responsibility for their work.


  1. Human resources
  2. Human rights
  3. Equal opportunities
  4. Bullying and Harassment
  5. Well-being
  6. Occupational Safety and Security

Eimskip's employees' knowledge and skills are the Company's most important resources. The team consists of diverse individuals who perform various jobs and have different experiences and knowledge. The team acts in harmony through common values, creating a dynamic company and a good workplace based on great team spirit and ambition.

Managers aim to bring out the best in their employees, encourage them, and support them with regular feedback and information sharing. They endeavor to create a team spirit that shows interest, takes responsibility, and takes part in creating a good workplace. Good, honest, and open communication between employees is essential in building a positive working atmosphere. Employees are more likely to succeed if they have given information about their performance. Feedback within Eimskip is characterized by encouragement and praise for good results, open and honest discussions, and feedback on what can be done better.

Selection of employees
A variety of individuals with diverse backgrounds and talents are the key to Eimskip's success. High-quality recruitment procedures ensure that Eimskip always has the right people in the right places. Emphasis is placed on welcoming new employees and providing them with good information and job training.

Eimskip will always choose the right person for the right position but finds it important to consider diversity when choosing a new team member. This applies to both internal and external recruitment. Eimskip's objective is to employ the most qualified people for the job and ensure that they have the ambition to tackle future challenges. At Eimskip the policy is to pay employees same wage for equally valuable jobs, taken to account experience and education.

In addition for the composition of the Executive Management Team shall be diverse in terms of competence, knowledge, experience, education, and gender. Attention is paid to these factors when selecting individuals for the Executive Management Team.
A succession plan is in place within the Company with the goal to ensure development of leaders, develop leadership roles, ensure diversity in the management team and stability in the operation.

The role of the Nomination Committee is to make sure that the Company´s Board is diverse in terms of skills, knowledge, experience, education, gender, and independence. The Committee works according to rules of procedure that are published on the Company’s website.

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Everyone shall be equal before the law and enjoy human rights irrespective of gender, religion, beliefs, ethnic origin, race, color, property, birth, or status. Everyone shall enjoy equal rights in all respects. Eimskip is a member of the UN Global Compact, an international project run by the United Nations. By participating, Eimskip undertakes to ensure that its policies and working practices are in accordance with the UN’s ten basic principles on human rights, employment markets, environmental issues, and actions against corruption.

Eimskip respects human rights. The objective of the human rights policy is twofold:

  • To ensure the human rights of Eimskip's employees
  • To ensure that Eimskip complies with laws and regulations on human rights

Eimskip commits to comply with all applicable laws and regulations on human rights regarding freedom of association, the elimination of forced or compulsory labor, abolishing child labor, and discrimination concerning employment and occupation.

Freedom of Association: Eimskip respects employees' right to join or not to join a labor union.

Forced and compulsory labor: Eimskip rejects and acts against all forms of forced and compulsory labor.

Child labor: Eimskip is compliant with international laws and regulations on the minimum age of employees. Depending on the specific nature of the job or the laws in each country, the Company can decide to raise the age limit.

Discrimination in respect of employment and occupation:

  • Eimskip rejects any discrimination regarding employment and occupation.
  • Eimskip encourages all employees to report any suspected human rights violations within the Company.
  • The Company requires its suppliers and subcontractors to respect human rights according to the Supplier Code of Conduct.
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Eimskip's equal opportunity policy is based on the Company's values, achievement, cooperation, and trust. The policy follows applicable laws on the Equal Position and Equal Rights of Women and Men.
Eimskip works systematically, through the equal opportunities program, for equal status of employees regardless of gender. As a part of the equality plan, Eimskip will also strive to be a suitable and desirable workplace for all genders alike.

Equal rights plan: Eimskip's equal opportunities plan addresses objectives and actions designed to guarantee employees the rights on all genders' Equal Position and Equal Rights.

Right to equal pay: Eimskip maintains the strictest equality in decisions relating to wages and other employment terms. Equal wages are paid, and employees enjoy the same employment terms for equally valuable jobs taken to account experience and education. It is Eimskip's policy that salaries and other terms are competitive regarding comparable jobs on the market.

Recruitment: Eimskip strives to ensure full equality when recruiting for new positions and that the selection of an employee is independent of gender considerations. Efforts should be made to equalize the gender ratio were applicable and diversity is emphasized when recruiting

Job development, education, and retraining: Eimskip employees have opportunities for career development, participation in workgroups, and attending courses held for employees to develop their skills at work or prepare for other positions. All employees are encouraged to participate in educational activities and to be proactive in further development.

Work-life balance: Eimskip organizes working arrangements and takes the necessary measures to ensure that employees of all genders can harmonize their work duties and their private lives as much as possible. Coordination of these aspects begins when both the employer and employee recognize and understand the needs of both parties and when both parties are willing to show consideration and reach a fair result. The work and responsibilities of Eimskip's employees vary, as do their working arrangements and hours. A key term in promoting a good work-life balance is "flexibility," a term that must be used with the interests of both parties in mind.

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Eimskip does not tolerate harassment, gender-based violence, gender-based harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, or prejudice of any kind. In the event of a situation within the workplace that can be described in the manner seen below, the Human Resources and Communications division should be informed and the appropriate response plan activated. Employees can also contact Union representatives. Each matter is handled on a case-by-case basis, and the parties involved are supported in resolving issues. If necessary, external expertise or consultation is requested.

Definitions: The following definitions are used when discussing bullying, sexual or gender-based harassment, or violence. These definitions are based on applicable laws and regulations.

Bullying: Bullying is a recurring behavior that is likely to cause dysphoria to the victim, such as belittling, insulting, hurting, threatening the person, or causing them to fear. Disagreements or differences of interest do not fall under this category.

Gender-based violence: Violence based on gender which results in, or could result in, physical, sexual or psychological injury or suffering on the part of the victim; both in private life and in a public venue.

Gender-based harassment: Unwanted behavior relating to the gender of a person that has the purpose or effect of violating the dignity of the individual concerned and creates circumstances that are intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating, or offensive to the person. The behavior can be verbal, symbolic, and/or physical.

Sexual harassment: Any unwanted sexual behavior with the purpose or effect of violating the dignity of the individual concerned, particularly when such behavior leads to intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating, or offensive situations. Sexual harassment can be verbal, symbolic, and/or physical.

Behavior that causes discomfort: Behaviors that are generally likely to cause distress to the victim, such as belittling, insulting, hurting, threatening, or causing fear. Disagreements or differences of interest do not fall under this category.

Violence: Any behavior that results in, or could lead to, physical or psychological harm or suffering to the victim, including threats, coercion, or deprivation of liberty.

Victim: A person who considers they are being bullied, sexually harassed, abused, or shown inappropriate behavior.

Violator: A person who is the subject of a complaint of harassment, sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, violence, or inappropriate behavior.

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Eimskip works to promote the individual's general well-being and good health, including their mental, physical, and social well-being. Increased well-being leads to a higher quality of life and happier employees.

Eimskip focuses on increasing employees' knowledge of the importance of health and safety and thereby engages in and contributes to preventative measures against work-related stress disorders, accidents, absences, and premature retirement due to illnesses.

At Eimskip, the consumption of alcohol and/or other drugs in the workplace and/or during working hours is prohibited.

Operating rules regarding the use of tobacco and the ban on the use of alcohol and drugs in the workplace are active and designed to promote good health and safety of employees, other interested parties, and the assets of the Company.

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Eimskip is concerned with the health and safety of its employees. Eimskip offers, as much as is possible, a safe and healthy working environment and focuses on ensuring that employees protect themselves, their colleagues, external parties, goods, equipment, and the environment from any harm.

Eimskip has a zero-accident policy regarding injuries to people, i.e., that there are no injuries to people in connection with the Company's activities or caused by it. Employees of the Company work to exclude hazardous situations in the work environment and any risky behavior.

Eimskip's operation is governed by applicable laws in each country laws, international rules and agreements, and other recognized standards and criteria regarding health and safety issues.

Eimskip's goal in preventative work is to minimize any form of harm posed to individuals, goods, or the Company's property. Eimskip focuses on sound knowledge and risk awareness and works systematically with employees to build up and strengthen these aspects.

Eimskip operates an emergency team that comes together and manages events in case of a severe crisis related to the Company's operations.

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The Executive Board approves Human Resource Policy. The Human Resources & Communication division is responsible for the policy. The policy should be reviewed every two years.

The EVP of Human Resources and Communications ensures that an audit occurs. The policy is published on Eimskip's website and is accessible to employees on Eimskip's internal website.

Approved by the Executive Board of Eimskipafélag Íslands hf.
Reykjavík, 30th August 2022