Strong team

Eimskip employs highly qualified staff with Eimskip’s values as their guiding light; achievement, cooperation, and trust.

Job at Eimskip

Anyone interested in being a part of Eimskip's strong team is encouraged to apply.

Handling of applications

All applications for a job with Eimskip are treated as confidential. General applications are not answered specifically, but if the applicant's experience and qualifications may be utilized in a vacancy, contact them. Applications for advertised jobs are reviewed when the deadline for applications has expired. After that, contact the group of applicants who are most suitable for the position and request an interview. In the case of advertised jobs, all applications are answered when the position is completed. All applications are stored for 6 months, after which they are deleted. If you have not been hired within that time and a job is still being requested, you will need to reapply. If the applicant chooses to delete the application within that time, please send an e-mail to

Quality application

It is important to take action when filling out an application, where information from the application is used to compare the qualifications and education of applicants with job vacancy requirements. Please note that you can send your CV and cover letter in attachment with the application. A well-completed application increases job applicants' potential. In the event of hiring, it is very important that all diplomas or educational documents confirming the applicant's education be submitted to Eimskip. The data can be a prerequisite for hiring in certain places where education is required.

A clean criminal record is a prerequisite for hiring Eimskip.

Handling and retention of personal data

Eimskip is committed to maintaining the reliability, confidentiality, and safety of job applicants’ personal data. Learn more about the applicant's privacy policy here.

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