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Environmental policy and aims

In 1991, Eimskip became one of the first companies in Iceland to establish an environmental policy. Since then, challenges in this field have developed rapidly and the transportation industry, as well as others, realizes how important environmental issues are for the world today.  Much has been accomplished since 1991, and Eimskip continues to take further steps toward improving its environmental performance and aligning to global and international initiatives.

Eimskip has the following environmental aims:

  • Identify and control potential environmental risks posed by the Company’s operations

  • Manage the Company’s operations according to applicable laws, regulations, and international conventions

  • Recycle and minimize waste

  • Improve the energy efficiency of the Company’s vessels

  • Improve the energy efficiency of the Company’s fleet of trucks and other equipment

  • Work on savings and improving efficiency in energy consumption on the Company’s premises

  • Set yearly goals on environmental issues

  • Provide employees and customers with regular training on environmental issues