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Eimskip provides a comprehensive transport service where our customers' needs are paramount. We always provide excellent services to clients and partners. We do so with care and satisfaction, with Eimskip's values, achievement, cooperation and trust as the guiding principle.

Human rights

Everyone shall be equal before the law and enjoy human rights irrespective of sex, religion, beliefs, ethnic origin, race, color, property, birth or any other status.

Human resources

Eimskip’s employees, their knowledge and skills, are the company’s greatest resource. The team consists of different individuals who undertake a variety of work and have a diversity of experience and knowledge.

Equal opportunities policy

Eimskip works systematically, in accordance with the equal opportunities program, for equal status of employees regardless of gender. The equality plan also aims at Eimskip being good and desirable workplace equality for women and men.

Health policy

Eimskip seeks to promote general well-being and good health, both mental and physical as well as social health.  Increased well-being leads to a higher quality of life and happier employees. 

Occupational safety and security policy

Eimskip is concerned with the health and safety of its employees. Eimskip offers, as much as is possible, a safe and healthy working environment and focuses on ensuring that employees protect themselves, their colleagues, external parties, goods, equipment and the environment from any harm.

Privacy Policy

Eimskip has made every effort to ensure the reliability, confidentiality, and security of personal information that the company collects.


Eimskip´s Grant policy reflects the company's goals in social responsibility, equality, responsible operations, and good business practices.​ Emphasis is on grants that benefit the society and the company uses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals regarding gender equality, climate action and life below water when choosing programs to support.