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Denmark's fastest courier service between Aarhus and Copenhagen

Several daily departures between Aarhus and Copenhagen Eimskip express services offer the fastest delivery option on the market when you or your company need same-day deliveries of documents or parcels between Jutland and Sealand. 

We know that your parcels and documents are important and that the jobs often require confidentiality and punctuality. We pick up the consignment at your location and deliver it to your customer or cooperation partner on the same day. 

5 good reasons

5 good reasons for using Eimskip express services for your consignments:

  • Door-to-door delivery — Delivery of the consignment directly to the recipient's address
  • Easy handling — Hand in the consignment 30 minutes before departure
  • Price — Cheapest courier product on the market to/from Aarhus and Copenhagen
  • Safe delivery — Personal handling and attention all the way
  • Time — Only 45 minutes between Aarhus and Copenhagen 


Eimskip Express services offer two different types of transportation: 

Terminal to terminal — DKK 995,00 + VAT per consignment
You hand in and pick up your consignment at one of our terminals. Eimskip Express services will then transport the consignment between Aarhus and Copenhagen in just 45 minutes. You must hand in your consignment directly at our terminals between 45 and 30 minutes before departure and security check. The cut-off is 30 minutes before the announced time of departure. 

Door-to-door — DKK 1.995,00 + VAT per consignment
Eimskip Express services pick up your consignment directly from the sender with one of our express vans and ensure delivery to the aircraft with a security check. After just 45 minutes of transportation between Aarhus and Copenhagen, we deliver your consignment safely to the end recipient. 

Contact and adreeses

Our competent and dedicated staff look forward to helping you starting today with your inquiries and bookings.

Eimskip Denmark A/S
+45 8720 1231

Østhavnsvej 48
DK-8000 Aarhus C

Nordre Toldbod 29
DK-1259 København K


Weight: Documents and small parcels with a maximum weight of 5 kg count as small parcels.
Dimensions: The maximum dimensions of documents and parcels are 40 x 30 x 10 cm (length x width x height).

Please contact Eimskip Express Services if you have a higher weight or larger dimensions.

Jutland: Our prices include pickup/delivery from/to postal code DK-8000 Aarhus C up to and including DK-8270 Højbjerg.

Sealand: Our prices include pickup/delivery from/to postal code DK-1050 Copenhagen K up to and including DK-2990 Nivå.

Please contact Eimskip Express services in case of pickup/delivery to other postal codes than those mentioned above.

General Trading terms and conditions
All services rendered are subject to the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (NSAB 2015). For information on cancellations, please also consult the terms and conditions of Nordic Seaplanes. As contracting party cf. § 3 B the conditions limit the freight forwarder's liability for loss of, deterioration of, or damage to goods to SDR 8.33 per kilo and for delay to the amount of the freight, and for all other loss to SDR 100,000 in respect of each assignment (§ 21) as intermediary cf. § 3 C the freight forwarder's liability is limited to SDR 50,000 in respect of each assignment and totally in the event of any one occurrence to SDR 500,000 (§ 24). 

For storage, the total liability is limited to SDR 500,000 for damage occurring on the same occasion (§ 25). Special attention is directed to the network clause (§ 2); claims against the freight forwarder are statute-barred after one year (§ 28); and the lien on goods (§ 14) applies to both current and previous claims.

A copy of NSAB-2015 can be found here.
Nordic Seaplanes' terms and conditions regarding cancellations will be forwarded upon request.