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Atlantic Trucking

Eimskip offers road transportation and distribution services in various locations. Our equipment fleet consists of standard container chassis, side loaders, tilt trailers, and various types of semi-trailers.

We offer daily service from various container ports with regular unitized transport, perishable transports, and specialized transports using ADR’s to carriage dangerous goods.

  • Four-axled chassis’ with payload up to 40 tons in Denmark capable of over height/width
  • Ad hoc special assignments like crane transport
  • ADR transport, including fireworks in Germany, with specially trained drivers
  • Crating and packing of OOG goods at our warehouse at the port of Aarhus
  • Daily trucks to all of Denmark
  • Fast, easy, and user-friendly web booking with templates for repeat orders
  • Loading and unloading of containers / flat racks.
  • Modern curtain trailers with sliding roofs, lifts that are dangerous goods approved, incl. cl. 1, and fireworks
  • Open and closed trailers
  • Professional handling and lashing of cargo
  • Regular drivers with years of experience
  • Special jobs and express solutions to and from all of Europe
  • Storage solutions in secured areas, with and without electricity
  • Temperature-regulated transport with genset/power for reefer containers
  • Transport of 20” and 40” containers with over height/width
  • Transport of animal by-products, class 2 + 3
  • Trucking of standard containers 10”, 20”, 30”, 40, and 45” chassis and side loader

More information about Atlantic Trucking can be found here.

Custom brokerage services

Eimskip offers unique customs value-added services via our own integrated customs division strategically located at the port of Aarhus closely linked to the customs and the veterinary authorities.

We offer peace of mind to your customs assignments in all aspects and our dedicated staff looks forward to serving you.

  • AEO certified (Authorized Economic Operator)
  • Application for import/export weapons permits including transit permits
  • ATA carnet
  • ATR certificate
  • Certificate of origin
  • Customs services — customs clearance, standard customs clearance, MIO, export documentation, etc.
  • EUR1 certificate
  • Handling services of bonded warehouse including administration of the customs documents
  • Health certificate (CHED)
  • INF documentation
  • NCTS (T1) documentation
  • T2L / T2LF