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16.11.2021 New Managing Directors at Eimskip Recently some changes have been made in our global management team. We are happy to introduce three ... 09.11.2021 OPERATING RESULTS FOR Q3 2021 Highlights of Q3 results 14.10.2021 Changes in Eimskip’s Executive Management Böðvar Örn Kristinsson has been appointed interim Executive Vice President of Iceland Domestic Opera... 05.07.2021 Eimskip´s office in Greenland is expanding Eimskip has hired Lars Filemonsen Olsen for Eimskip Greenland. He will be working within sales and o... 08.04.2021 Shorter transit time opens great opportunities for Greenland Last year Eimskip opened a new office in Nuuk in Greenland right after the vessel sharing agreement ... 09.12.2020 The first female chief officer within the Eimskip reefer fleet Siv Mathilde Oldeide is the chief officer onboard M/V Polfoss and the first female chief officer wit... 19.11.2020 Eimskip ships Boston´s Holiday tree from Halifax to Portland This year Eimskip is participating in an event to ship the Boston tree from Halifax to Portland. The... 09.10.2020 Brúarfoss delivered today Eimskip took delivery of the new Brúarfoss this morning in China. Brúarfoss is the latter of two 2,1... 08.09.2020 Eimskip opens up an office in Greenland Eimskip will open a new office in Nuuk in Greenland as from beginning of September. Eimskip started ... 31.08.2020 Results for the second quarter 2020 Highlights of Q2 2020 results 19.08.2020 Easy information sharing is an urgent environmental issue ELECTRONIC LOGBOOKS SHOULD REPLACE THEIR PAPER SIBLINGS 08.04.2020 Eimskip´s frontline workers At Eimskip our frontline workers are working hard to keep the supply chain open in these uncertain t...